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High-quality Refurbished Printers, Displays, and Data Terminals

Our refurbished printers are a cost-effective alternative to buying new. Our refurbishment procedure results in a high quality product that we can warranty with confidence. These refurbished printers are truly rebuilt; not just cleaned. We're confident our printers will perform reliably with perfect print quality and error free paper handling. All our printers are sold with a standard 6-month warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

All printers are thoroughly inspected, tested and sanitized. Our printer products undergo the following to ensure optimal print quality and reliable paper handling:

  • Disassembly and thorough cleaning of entire printer to look and function like new.
  • Replacement of worn or defective parts
  • Printer self-test to ensure all print-engine parts are functioning.
  • Computer tested to ensure reliable and working connectivity.
  • Large batch test printing to verify flawless back to back paper handling from all paper paths.
  • Professional packaging with expanding polyurethane foam.

Additional services:

  • Onsite repairs and installations.
  • Manuals, toner cartridges, and printer cables.
  • Fast turnaround depot repairs and refurbishment.
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