Lexmark Forms Printer 2380 Plus (2380-002) UPC 734646109536, ID 11A3034, New or Refurbished impact (dot-matrix) printer, repairs, ribbons, accessories, and parts.1368700,11A3540,

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Last Modified Jan 2018
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Lexmark Forms Printer 2380 Plus (2380-002) Dot Matrix Printer (refurbished, complete)
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Lexmark Forms Printer 2380 Plus
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IBM / Lexmark 2380 & 2381 Quick Specs

  • Affordable medium usage forms printers
  • Rugged replacement for IBM Proprinter series
  • Average recommended usage of 1 million characters per month, with a maximum of 2 million characters per month IBM / Lexmark 2380
  • Near letter quality (NLQ) print
  • Durable 9-wire printhead
  • 144 x 240 DPI
  • Straight paper path
  • Up to 6 part forms
  • Parallel attachment standard
  • Continuous forms and single sheet feed is standard
  • Coaxial, twinaxial, or serial attachment options are available
  • Accept same data stream as Proprinter III, Proprinter III XL
  • Epson FX-850 and Epson FX-1050 emulations

  • * Your online purchase includes ribbons (Qty-2 CP-11A3540)

    90 Day Warranty : Included
    Optional 1 Year : $71.00

    Optional Accessories

    Purchase Ribbons:


    Best Draft Speed 320 CPS
    Print Head 9-pin
    Connectivity Parallel
    *Opt. Serial
    Carriage Width Narrow
    Max.Paper Width 10.1 inches
    DPI 240 x 144 DPI
    Tractor FeedFront, Push,
    Single Sheet Feed Yes
    Multi-part Forms6-Part
    Emulation Command SetsAccept same data stream as Proprinter III, Proprinter III XL, Epson FX-850 and Epson FX-1050 emulations
    Recallable Setup Profiles4
    Black Ribbon PN11A3540
    Black Ribbon Yield 4,000,000 Chars

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