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Available Refurbished IBM Keyboards

  1386303   Call
  1389160   Call
  1390131   Call
  1390670   Call
  1390702 122-key; 24 function keys; DIN 5 M (AT) Call
  1390572 122-key; for the 3196 Terminal, Refurbished like new.
QTY $95
  1390876 122-key; 24 function keys; DIN 5 M (AT) Call
  1390940   Call
  1391401 101-key 24 functions keys; Mini-DIN Call
  1392595 102-key; 3151/310/410; ASCII style; 12 function keys; RJ-45, Refurbished like new. Call
  1394012   Call
  1394099 122-key; 24 function keys; RJ-45 Call
  1394100 122-key; 24 function keys; RJ-45 connector
QTY $89
  1394167 122-key, 24 function keys; RJ-45
QTY $89
  1394204 102-key; enhanced, 24 (12 dual function) function keys; RJ-45, for IBM Infowindow 3472-3482 terminals, Refurbished like new.
QTY $95
  1394412 102-key; ASCII style; 12 function keys; RJ-45 Call
  1395162 101-key; 3151/510/610; ASCII style; 12 function keys; RJ-46, Refurbished like new. Call
  1395300   Call
  1395660 122-key; 24 function keys; RJ-45, for IBM 3476, 3477, 3487, 3488 terminals Call
  1395665   Call
  1396790   Call
  1397953 122-key; 24 function keys; RJ-45 Call
QTY $89
  4007089   Call
  42H0468 101-key; 3153; ASCII style; 12 function keys; RJ-11 Call
  8131276 101-key; 3153; PCE style; 12 fnction keys; min-DIN or RJ-11 Call
  42h1292   Call
  52G9658   Call
  52G9700   Call
  60G0817   Call
  71G4664   Call
  82G2383   Call
  KB-8983   Call
Qty $35

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