Elo Touch Screen Monitors - 1928L, (ET1928L-8CWM-1-GY-G), , (E686772), 1529L, (ET1529L-8UWA-1-GY-M2C2), , (E380869), 1515L, (ET1515L-8CWC-1-GY-G), , (E700813),

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Elo Touchsystems Elo Touchscreen Monitors - Intellitouch
Elo Touchsystems 1928L (ET1928L-8CWM-1-GY-G (E686772) Elo Touchsystems 1928L ET1928L-8CWM-1-GY-G E686772 Elo Intellitouch, Medical Monitor, Dark Gray, Dual Serial-USB Touch Interfaces, Refurbished
Elo Touchsystems 1529L(E380869) Elo Touchsystems 1529L ET1529L-8UWA-1-GY-M2C2 E380869, Elo Entuitive 3000 Series 1529L flat panel display TFT 15 inch, Intellitouch, Built-in Devices: Stereo speakers, USB hub, 2 x 20 vacuum fluorescent rear-facing customer display (VFD), magnetic card reader, Refurbished
Elo Touchsystems 1515L (ET1515L-8CWC-1-GY-G (E700813) Elo Touchsystems 1515L ET1515L-8CWC-1-GY-G Pure glass construction delivers the ultimate in image quality, Stable, drift-free operation, Continues to work even if scratched., Refurbished

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